Visit GitHub for the most recent release

Processing 4.0 beta 4 now includes updated 32- and 64-bit downloads for the Pi. Download them from the releases page on Github. This site will be updated when someone has time.

The most recent build is the .tgz archive toward the bottom of this page. That is version 3.5.3 which was released in February 2019.

We don't currently have a maintainer for the Raspberry Pi release. Please help! We finally have new releases for Processing 4, but we probably won't be producing images, or able to provide much support without additional help.

Raspberry Pi Image

This is the recommended, and easiest way to get started:

Please use a more recent download from the releases page on GitHub.

Download Image (1.82GB)

Processing 3.4 • Released July 2018

Follow Get Started for instructions how to install this image file.

TGZ archive of Processing 3.5.3

If you know your way around Linux, you can also manually download and install the compressed archives below. Those also come with a copy of Java built-in.

processing-3.5.3-linux-armv6hf.tgz (95.5 MB)